Mad busy.

I'm going to call this a collaboration with GMIT, GMIT Ihubs and project Gala, because I can and I did, in a way. I was bringing myself and my bits to the Student Enterprise Awards after being accepted into the final stage(#ideasGMIT).

Last Wednesday I set off for Castlebar in my wee car in the wee hours of the am, to give my project Gala pitch (projectgala.com)to a panel (not unlike Dragons Den) of entrepreneurs and business people.

I pitched away at 8.50am and then set up my wares in the Castlebar campus. I had some samples and imformation for anyone and everyone interested.

The afternoon was spent with me wondering why everyone was so determinedly interested in my balms only to realise later that I was still pitching. Good job I've a gob on me.

I'm a typical Aries, I don't over prepare and I like a bit of 'seat of yer pants' spontaneity ...now this doesn't always work, but I know those balms like I know how my hair sits on my head, so I ranted on like a mad thing.

Well, didn't I come 3rd. Not bad for a spontaneous pitch. 

I'm going to do it again and if I get into the next awards I'm better prepared. Wish me luck.

It's good to put yourself under pressure sometimes. You dont have to watch my video and it's pretty basic but taking part is what counts and putting yourself out there...

Now again, my video, it's basic....and yes I'm morto but I 'learned' me a thing or two and I had the pleasure of working to learn. My next video can only improve.

Oh AND, totally not related... but didn't I get an expression of interest from TOKYO!!!! Imagine the wee balms in TOKYO!

Love that.

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