Under Pressure?


Sometimes we take on too many projects. I mean, I've taken on too many projects. This may have happened to you? You'll find it's no craic and the outcome is usually less than your best. I'm sitting at my computer, tired, cranky and I have a spot. I really want to be in bed.

So, wheres the silver lining?

I know I'm changing shape and that a change is happening or is on the way. I'm cracking and growing like the lobster under the stone (google it). Things are moving on and I just need to get the sting out of the tale and move with it. Sort the wheat from the chaff.... or whatever the saying is.

My energy levels have reached a stage where I have to cut away the bull shit and focus on the life I want. 

Time to pick up those projects!

I urge you to do the same x

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