Ard Bia.


Ard Bia must be one of the most photographed restaurants in the west of Ireland (my hard drive can vouch for that). I've been going through files and backing up hundreds of drawings and photographs. The bulk of my digital library would be Ard Bia and I think you'll find hundreds of thousands of Ard Bia images on the internet. It literally hands you a myriad of photo opportunities on a plate!

Working in a building as unique as Nimmo's (Ard Bia) gives wonderful opportunities everyday to capture the light across the Claddagh or the flicker of a candle on a mirror against the old bar. I've caught many sudden weather changes across the Atlantic from the window at table 7.

Last year we had some wonderful moments like the Yes vote, and the restaurant was very active in promoting of a positive outcome. I have many lovely memories generated from within those walls and the 'Yes' is definitely one of them.

Now I work from home and don't call into Ard Bia as often but when I do I always get a photo or an idea. It's one of those places that attracts creativity and thankfully has a  personality which is strong and definite, non corporate or generic. The staff are people not uniforms and the view inside and out is simply rather lovely.


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