Out the pen - On the plate.


I don't get much time to do the local coffee shops but often dream of an afternoon spent eating cake and sipping hot coffee, wistfully gazing out the window (or more than likely wandering idly on the internet).

Spiddal is by the sea so I can work up an appetite by walking along the beach before stopping for a treat. It's always nice to do a little something for yourself to maybe celebrate the weekend or to break up the week. 

The Builin Blasta Cafe is near the sea and it happened to be sunny this day and there is always cake!

I cultivated my cake love from my time working in Ard Bia and to be honest before that I wasn't that interested in cake. My favourite Ard Bia cake was the Ricotta cheese cake with toffee, nutty sticky stuff poured on it or those gingery christmas angel shaped biscuits. There was always time for a sneaky bit of cake even when we were up the walls and it made everything better.

Cake, I find, triggers the want for coffee and I find, coffee triggers the want for cake. A simple formula and one that usually does the trick.

My coffee 'favourite' is a latte, not too strong (no crazy cappuccino chocolate on top) in a big cup, so I panicked briefly when I decided to give up dairy (ethical reasons). I'm brushing away the loss of the milky latte to embrace the increasingly available alternatives. I won't be stuck with soya Noooooooooo Way.

My Friday treat was a Builin Blasta Vegan chocolatey slice and a lovely, light, slightly sweet Almond milk latte.

Located in the Ceardlann Craft centre you have a cafe in the middle of a creative hive, where traditional and contemporary art and craft is on show and for purchase. It's a  a lovely way to spend an afternoon and projectgala.com balms being stocked there too (just saying).

Anyway, this giving up dairy isn't that tough really. So, feeling inspired, I contacted Andrina from Bliss bites Bakery about everyday alternatives for the dairy/meat/fish free diet because I now realise just how predominant dairy is in our diet and I simply don't think it should be.

I will eat cake!

...and there will be more cake to follow this cake post x just dairy free and more thoughtful x

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