Menus for life.


Its been a busy week between having to be places, learning new systems, surviving without a lap top charger, fixing the car, rewriting menus, working, driving people places, trying to study while readjusting the diet, fixing the car, extra-ing on Jack Taylor and fighting a flu feeling.

Creatively I feel a little 'busy' in my head. 

I love the creative process but it can be hard too because sometimes you are trying to fit yourself into someone else's imagination. I've learnt that you are better at doing your own thing than you will ever be trying to create someone else's vision. This is tricky when you rely on freelance work

Amongst this weeks nice experiences was the absolute pleasure of learning from Yoshimi at WA cafe about the Japanese aesthetic and the symbolism behind blossoming trees and I am inspired by her wonderful rubber printing blocks. 


I also started working with Mulberrys restaurant in Barna and I've been reformatting menus and taking pictures for up and coming events, whilst trying not to let the Gin menu dominate... I mean God, I love gin.


I had a lovely interview with Jo Lavelle for Tribal vision and Boyd challenger took some pictures in Barna woods (I'm not great at the 'getting a pic taken' but it was very pain free).

I got a call to say I'm in the final of the student entrepreneur awards in GMIT, it sounded lovely to be a 'finalist'.

I'm also looking for vegan Irish suppliers who might want to be in my 'Irish vegan' book (The soup book has taken a back seat but it WILL happen one day).

...and breathe (cracking open a beer sound). 

What if we had a menu to guide us through life...oh wait, that's what all those lists are for no? 


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