It's winter here. The wind and rain beat down on the house and a draft is coming down the unplugged chimney. I cant face cleaning out the fire place to put a fire down so I'm probably going to brave the elements.

I'm also out of rice/soya/almond milk. Today has to get better.... 

Falafel time....extra spicey!

There are a few techniques I use for cheering myself up...coffee, chocolate, boojum and Flo's Falafels. 

Life gets good again..... x

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(Drawing inspired by Paolo Floresta's recipe).

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Creatives with enterprise.

If you go down to the Connacht Printworks building, Galway city, theres an Art exhibition of the GMIT art students and off to the side theres a wee showcase of the 2016 Certificate of Creative Enterprise's students work.

Both are well worth a visit.

I've done a good few courses in my life...as one should.... and this was one of the most diverse in the wonderful people I met and their skill sets. 

There were times when tweeking on the colleges coffee that parts of the course seemed endless and other parts too short to cover the immense ground that starting a business requires. 

I think we met some inspirational people, amongst us and around us, with some passionate self starters who really wanted to see you succeed.

As always, the Galway traffic messed with the schedule, as did last minute room changes.

We all had shit we had to do outside of the portakabins and white rooms... but it is a pleasure to look back on the time spent trying to figure out WBS, Wordpress and self dispensing, money robbing coffee machines. 

I think I had some of my better ideas while trying to make sense of Project management and I rewrote a whole cocktail list in my head during the class covering 'the planning and implementation of of actions designed to engage with stakeholders'.

I missed most of the second semester as work commitments got in the way and I missed the faces.

The mentoring sessions happened as I took root in a new job and continued to plow away at the projectgala.com stuff and my illustration projects.

It was a pleasure to see the showcase come together by everyone else hard work. I piggy backed on that and missed the opening. I'd have loved to have been there.

Thank you all from Creative enterprise 2016.... can't wait to see what you all do in the years to come. 

Stay in touch xxx

If you need more information on any of the images featured, get in touch and I will put you in touch x

Images of the work by...Vivienne Martin, Regina O'Dea, Sallyanne O'Sullivan, Micheal Cusack, www.reek.ie, Ester Kiely, Noel forde, Niamh Fahy, David O'malley, Pastor David, Phillida Eves, Mike Roddy, Elizabeth Flanagan, Bernie Fleming, Maeve Gallagher, Darragh Purcell, Noirin Brady, Dominic Punch, Eavanna O'Reilly (Una from Flaming Wicked Candles and warren from photoMara not featured but thought of) with special thanks to Ivan McPhillips and all at GMIT.



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She has Cider inside her.

I was looking for a cider to add to the menu at work and because I was embarking on a couple of well deserved days off, I went cider shopping... who knew the choice at my local supermarket!

I haven't even scraped the cider surface there are so many. 

My days of Diamond white and Strongbow are clearly behind me. I picked up some great Irish ciders and one from Worcester (because I have fabulous University memories from my time spent there and I drank a lot of cider in those days). 

The first cider was the Craigies which I enjoyed despite usually looking for a sweeter brew. It was the 'clocking off' bottle so it had a slight advantage over the other ciders. Light and slightly cloudy and it reminded me of some of the strong cloudy Scrumpy type ciders I drank in the pubs in Worcester, way back.

The Worcester cider (Oldfields Orchard) was way sweeter and really tastey and I have to say I was probably beaming at this stage.

On I went trying the Longueville, Doyles, Little Island and falling Apples ciders..... Each very different but there wasn't a cider without it's own lovely features, characteristics and personality. Most brews stated 100% apples and no additives however the Longueville House cider has no Colourings, sweeteners, sulphites, additives or preservatives which might be the kind of cider you can avoid painkillers with the next day....maybe.

I'd open taste, draw (with my new bamboo Spark) and then after trying them all I finished them. I was in great form the next day but my head did hurt a little 

It took me a while to get through all the bottles but I had a really really good time and there was dancing...proper summers here night off x


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